Shipping, Receiving, Assembly

International Drying
Cary, IL Full-time
Posted on September 18, 2019

Warehouse Immediate Opening!

Full time needed in Cary, IL.

Shipping, Receiving, Assembly, Inventory

Forklift experience. Valid Driver's License, Able to lift 50 lbs. 

Our History

International Drying Corporation shares a rich 30-year history with a previous little-known company called Aerojet. It was their discovery of the value of axial fans to drying power the could produce up to 9600 cfm of air flow. In 1982 the company was sold to Worldwide Drying Company in Denver, Colorado and the dryers flourished with wise minded wash owners. Sometime later Worldwide discontinued manufacturing and distribution of wash dryers and in 2003 International Drying Corporation (IDC) entered the scene. It was determined that International Drying Corporation, a Chicago based corporation would continue the legacy of efficient wash dryers into the 21st century.

We offer the complete line of the previous owners products as we share the same philosophy, “build a dryer with efficiency to last a lifetime.”